The Royal family’s beauty secrets

The 5 beauty brands the Queen and the royal family use

The secret is out. Here are 5 of the most loved beauty products used by the Royal Family. Want to live like a Queen? Well you definitely can as these can be
brought from your local department store or online and most do not come with a royal price tag! Beauty brands used by the Queen can now be used by you.

1. Clarins

This moisture-intensive hand cream is said to be a royal staple at Buckingham Palace, the family’s home in England.

2. Yardley London

The royals keep Yardley soaps and hand washes at each regal home. Their luxe soaps are even offered to private guests at Windsor Castle, which happens to be next door to the brand’s office so they are never of short supply. You can have a supply of your own here.

3. Penhaligon’s

This is a favourite of Duchess Kate as it is rumoured to be her signature scent. It must be a hit with Prince William too. The Royal Horse Guard has been known to pick up Prince Charles and Prince Phillips’ colognes and shaving kits straight from the brand’s Burlington Arcade boutique. It is on offer here.

4. Elizabeth Arden

Beauty products used by the Queen

Her Majesty is often spotted touching up her lipstick at events, as one does at 91. And it’s no secret that she favours Elizabeth Arden, as the brand has upheld their warrant since 1962. While we are not entirely sure of her favourite shade, the Queen is known to be seen wearing deep reds and pinks like this one.

5. Floris London

This family-owned perfume company earned its first debut from King George IV in 1820, making it one of the oldest honourable perfumeries. Today, the brand caters to the Queen and the Prince of Wales. They can’t confirm the reigning monarch’s favourite scent, but it is rumoured that White Rose: an elegant mix of iris, jasmine, and her favorite flower, the carnation might be her signature scent. Try it out here.

So there we have it. Now you can use the same Beauty brands used by the Queen and feel not just a million dollars but royal too.