Best Compact Refrigerator/Freezers for Tight Spaces

Always wanted a mini fridge? Need a refrigerator/ freezer but need it to fit in a tight space? Here are the best Compact Refrigerator/Freezers for Tight Spaces. The right purchase approved.

1. Marshall Compact Refrigerator

If you are a guitar fan you will love this mini fridge. It includes all the important details from proper control knobs to plastic corner protectors. At just over 4 cubic feet, this is perfect for a rehearsal room or lounge space for your band.


2. Igloo Eraser Board Mini Compact Refrigerator

Budget friendly and practical with its whiteboard function, the Igloo Eraser board fridge is the perfect place to store your food and also to attach your important reminders. If your old fridge was always covered in sticky notes and reminders stuck with magnets, this will prove a better alternative.

3. Midea Wood Veneer Compact Refrigerator Freezer

If you are into wood veneer or like a neutral finish, this tiny 1.6 cubic foot mini fridge is perfect and also stylish. It is perfect for keeping your lunch cool at your desk or shelf while blending in with decor. It is just the right size for snacks and drinks when you are feeling peckish!


4. Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Compact Refrigerator Freezer

Perfect for bringing back a sense of your childhood, this Coca-Cola refrigerator/ freezer has just the right amount of space for looking after those essential snacks and drinks. For an old school style and Coke bottle fans there is even a bottle opener mounted to the door. Perfect!


5. SMEG Mini Refrigerator

SMEG is the place to go for all things vintage mod. This cute and quirky mini fridge is the mini cooper of mini fridges. It is super durable and will stay with you for a long time. It has a freezer tray for ice and adjustable shelving. It is also low noise which makes it perfect for studios where you might be sleeping close to others.