Electric Bike that’s not so average in 2017! – The Volta Bike

Bicycles have become a great mode of transport in the modern age, with over 15% of all people using their bikes at least once a month! However if you are a regular who uses their bike to commute then you know how cost effective and healthy biking really is! When people think of biking they think of intensity, hard effort and very tiring. However with an electric bike this is not the case!


Introducing the Volta! This is more than just your average bike!

  • A single charge will give you a 40 mile range meaning a trip across the city is no effort!
  • Two color options mean you have the choice on what style you ride with!
  • Great Features shown below:


Auto-Lights and Brake Lights

Activated Lights at the first sign of low-light, and automatic brakes that helps keep you visible as you ride!


GPS Anti-Theft Tracking

With integrated GPS, tracking your Volta Electric bike is effortless, so even when it is out of sight its never out of mind.


Lightweight and Compact

Weighing only 35lbs this one of the lightest electric bikes around meaning effortless performance!

We recommend this bike to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an electric bike for commuting or even for recreational purposes!

You can find the Volta Electric Bike here.