Best new way to blend foundation – On your iphone

Check out this weird new purpose for your iPhone. Mixing your foundation on the back of an iPhone is the newest trend. But why?. Putting foundation on iphones warms up your foundation and makes it great for mixing to get your perfect shade. Are you going to try the foundation on iphone craze?


mixing foundation on iphone
Images from @jakewarden
new trend people mixing foundation on iphone
blending foundation on back of iphone
Image from @spottedstyleblog

 Would you try it? It may be unhygienic and difficult to clean so here are some thin cases and cleaners to aid in this strange new process of mixing foundations shades on your iphones. Share this on facebook or instagram and let us know what you think.

 If you are not into trying out this hack then check this awesome mixing pallet which you can safely clean.