Best Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Much Better

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Including some plants to style your bedroom adds that organic element and romantic flair. These are the top best plants to have that will actually help you sleep better. We have also compiled some beautiful and trending vases to accompany and add those finishing touches to any bedroom.


1. Aloe Vera Plant

First up in the best plants for your bedroom is this amazing indoor plant provides numerous health benefits and is easy to be kept alive. It gives off oxygen during the night, and which is great for insomnia and enhances the quality of sleep. Also known as the ‘plant of immortality’, aloe Vera is easily reproduced. Therefore, spread it all around your home and experience its optimal effects. The purer the air in your home, the better you will sleep at night and the healthier and more productive you will become during the day!

2. Snake Plant

This plant is easy to grow and is great for interior decor. It filters the oxygen and also enhances the atmosphere in the room. Studies have shown that it also treats respiratory issues, headaches, eye irritations, and also boosts productivity. Perfect for those night owl workers or late night deadlines.

3. Jasmine Plant

This exotic plant significantly improves your quality of sleep and boosts the productivity and alertness during the following day. You will lower stress and experience calmness just by smelling it. Great for those with anxiety or if you overthink late in the night. This is also great if you suffer from morning headaches.

4. Lavender Plant

You may have used the numerous beneficial effects of lavender essential oil, but may not be aware of the properties of the lavender plant itself. It reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, treats slow heart rate, and even reduces the crying in babies. Lavender is often used in candles and pillow sprays to aid sleep and promote relaxation but nothing is better than having fresh lavender in the room.

5. English Ivy Plant

The last best plant you can opt for is this is a traditional, but easy- to- grow plant, and NASA listed it as the most powerful air-cleansing plant you can have in the home. It is especially beneficial for those with asthma or breathing difficulties. It also reduces airborne mould by up to 94%, and since these contaminants are the main cause of asthma, allergies, and breathing problems, this plant will improve the quality of your sleep, and also help treat these health issues.



Here is a selection of the most stylish vases to complete your bedroom decor with these best plants.