Chop wash- get smart with cooking!

Chop it, Wash it, Store it.

Are you fed up of getting out the chopping board, washing it and transferring the food into a bowl? Chop wash- get smart with cooking!  You can save both time and money while having an innovative and trendy tool in your kitchen with chop wash. Not just a cutting board, not just a washing bowl! ChopWash is so much more! Cook – Squish – Store! It is that easy!

ChopWash is perfect for cleaning and soaking vegetables, fruits and meat before cooking. The collapsible washing bowl comes with its own plug, meaning you won’t have to lift to drain. It is ideal for expanding sink space with more washing and soaking room.

Squish and ChopWash collapses into a cutting board ready for food preparation. Great for slicing meats, chopping vegetables, fruits or breaking down poultry, the self-standing chopping board lies flat for a durable knife-friendly cutting surface. ChopWash also doubles up as a carving board thanks to spill-proof trenches that capture and retain juices, making carving a turkey or roast a snap.

Non-slip feet of molded-rubber strips keep the board safely and securely in place during use. The large contoured ergonomic handles featuring comfort grips are great for easy pick-up to scrape ingredients into a pot or waste into the trash. I definitely want one!

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