The secret to voluminous shiny hair- DYSON Supersonic

We all want glossy, shiny, voluminous hair. We spend hours and bucks to get the just been to the salon dramatic hair with bounce. As a nation, we try hair care products, oils, curling irons and straighteners. And all these can add up. But with one purchase only, you can get glamorous hair with minimal effort.

What is it?

The DYSON Supersonic intelligent heat control for shine will be your new best friend. Dyson have combined an ultra-powerful, directed airflow with a heat-protection sensor. This stops the temperature ever reaching the point where your hair might get damaged. And as well as giving you the fastest EVER blow-dry, Dyson’s stay-cool nozzle will smooth your hair as you dry, so you get a sleek finish worthy of a Brazilian straightening treatment. You can also Switch up the magnetic heads to get any desired texture you wish. Bouncy, big, sleek, or curly.

Does it really work?

Reviews say it leaves hair seriously glossy and healthy looking in super sonic speed which is perfect for the morning rush. It is also quiet which makes a far better drying experience. Women said it even repaired their split ends and they were able to throw a lot of their hair care products away as there was no need with just using the Dyson supersonic.


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