Get your own spa in the comfort of your home

Always wanted a Jacuzzi but wondered where to put it? Always thought it would be too expensive and would strain your water bills? Well you don’t have to worry about any of that with an all in one shower, jacuzzi, and even sauna at a reasonable price!  Get your own spa experience in the comfort of your home. You can unwind, relax and feel like a millionaire while being cost efficient as it is an all in one item.

Exclusive Shower Temple, Jacuzzi and Steam Sauna by Home Deluxe

The system leaves nothing to be desired, this spacious steam shower is the perfect solution. Whether in the shower, bath or sauna (Tub), the exclusive makes everything, in whatever combination, possible by pressing a button.
You can relax with a soothing whirlpool which you can adjust with jet intensity. Use the innovative colour light therapy to give you a 5 star experience, or lose your stress with a bath and steam. This makes the waterfall and the shimmer in soothing colours of the bath water completely take you away. Therefore providing you with an exotic experience. Complete with a massage and sauna control. You won’t look back.

In conclusion, the exclusive-series is a spacious Oasis and also the bathing fun for the whole family with an outstanding price – / performance ratio!

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