Manta Sleep Mask: World’s 1st Modular Eye Mask for Sleeping

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The Manta Sleep Mask is the World’s 1st Modular Sleep Mask with FreeFit – so it molds to fit your unique face.

It works for 99% of all face shapes & gives you 100% blackout for your entire sleep cycle…energizing you for wherever life takes you when you wake up.

Regardless of your ethnicity, age, gender, nose shape, or preferred sleeping position, Manta’s patent-pending adjustable modular eye contours create the perfect seal – because it’s specifically tailored to you.

Side sleeper? Belly sleeper? Back sleeper?…we’ve got you covered.


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Experience the Comfort of a Personalized Fit with the Manta Sleep Mask

What if, instead of losing valuable hours of sleep (not to mention cash) trying dozens of different sleep masks, you got it right the first time?

Your work would improve, you’d have more energy to go out, and your body would feel stronger.

Manta Sleep Mask’s modular design, with Patent-Pending omniLAT™, offers an unprecedented level of adjustability that’s easy and intuitive to use.

Because the fit is tailored to you, there’s no extra pressure on your face.

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100% Total Darkness for the Entire 8 Hours

Sleep, Uninterrupted

What if you could sleep through the entire night without waking up even once? Imagine how much better rested you’d feel in the morning.

Thanks to the 100% total blackout of the Manta Sleep Mask, you won’t experience any light leakage, meaning you’ll finally be able to sleep through the night.

Regardless of your sleep position or the shape of your nose, Manta conforms to your face (and keeps the light out).