Top 5 Best Foundations for Dry Skin 2017

Here is a roundup of the Top 5 Best foundations for dry skin 2017. No more flakiness!

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin type can be tricky. When applying foundation to dry skin, some common concerns can be from a caked finish to exacerbating flaking skin to emphasising patches of dryness and fine lines, put the wrong foundation on it, and you can end up making things look a whole lot worse – and end up feeling self-conscious while out and about as a result. We are here to help with these tried and tested, the right purchase approved top 5 best foundations for dry skin 2017.

1. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

This foundation is great for dry skin as it gives a glowing, natural radiant finish with sheer and buildable coverage that evens skin tone. It contains the skincare benefits of the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, so it also leaves skin hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother. After time, this foundation actually  improves the skin’s brightness and texture. So it’s actually good for you! Catered perfectly for normal and dry skin types with its hydrating properties, this is a strong contender. It contains powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and turmeric extract to improve skin’s radiance and tone
Streamlined packaging with ergonomic twist cap. It is not called sheer glow for no reason. We loved the glow that this foundation gives with its radiant finish.

2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

This brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion. It claims to give you a  luminous & healthy looking finish. The ingredients contain hydrating benefits Benefit’s with its exclusive Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex which helps increase cellular respiration, providing a youth-enhancing, plumping effect. Meanwhile, vitamins C & E help fight the signs of aging.  It is also broad-spectrum SPF 25 PA+++. It definitely does brighten the skin and feels almost like a BB cream as it is creamy and light which makes it comfortable to wear. This is a great foundation for day to day. Make sure to try this out for a full day as the shades can set darker than first applied which can be caused by oxidation. After knowing the right shade, it is a lovely foundation for dry skin.

3. L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Foundation

Loreal have great products catering to those with dry skin. The L’Oreal Lumi Magique is a Light Infusing foundation which gives luminosity to the skin. They claim it gives a luminous looking complexion as if lit from within. This foundation is very light and the formula is silky smooth. It provides you with 24 hours of hydration with its moisturising ingredients. The finish is similar to that of Benefit’s Oxygen Wow foundation but it is a great budget alternative. Some foundations which claim to give you a luminous finish can sometimes appear glittery in certain lights which is not a good look in some photographs. This foundation does not have that and so is up there with one of the top foundations for dry skin 2017.


4. Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Make-Up

Chanel’s fluid foundation guarantees 8 hours of non-stop hydration and comfort. A comfortable, melt-away texture. It aims to provide a radiant finish that makes your complexion look visibly rested, satiny and even. The coverage can be sheer but built to medium and it is especially adapted for normal and dry skin types. The foundation contains light reflecting and colour correcting pigments for a luminous and even complexion. This does give a truly effortless natural looking radiant finish. It also contains liquorice extract to help even out the complexion over time while balancing the skin. Hyarulonic acid derivative helps to moisturise your skin and walnut extract revitalises and protects. This has an SPF of 15 so it is excellent for day to day wear. This well thought out formula provides lots of skin loving benefits and therefore you are getting a great formula for what you pay for with this option.



5. L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

This foundation is actually marketed as a great colour matching foundation for all skin types. But it has become a firm favourite amongst those with combination skin where they may have dry patches but also some oily areas. Making it perfect for flakiness. This is because of its super blendable formula and consistency. The new formula contains 3 new shade enhancers for shade matching precision. Skin perfecting pigments and the ultra gliding creamy texture give a homogeneous finish. Even better colour matching, and more luminous and radiant skin than before. Even longer wear and better comfort. All you see is your skin at it’s best. This is a great all rounder foundation ticking all the boxes and also comes at an affordable price.

So there you have it. A run down of the Top 5 Best Foundations for Dry Skin. Test and the right purchase approved. Say goodbye to flakiness, and say hello to a radiant complexion.