Top Life Hack Products You Never Knew Existed.

Here are the current best life hack products that will change your life. The Right Purchase Approved. Thank us later.

1. The Ice-Cream Lock

Gone are the days of waking up to see that your ice-cream that you were saving for that special night in has been demolished. You can buy this ice cream lock here.

2. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

You don’t have to worry about wasting any toothpaste anymore with this. Starting at around £2 on Amazon, this gadget will save you money in no time. Check it out here.

3. Baby Shower Cap

This is perfect to help keep water and shampoo out of your little ones eyes, nose and mouth.  And for only a couple of bucks it is definitely worth the investment. Plus how cute does it look? Get it here.

4. Arm Rest Organiser

You won’t have to move or lift a finger with this creative genius. This also saves space and avoids remotes getting lost. You can get many different variations of this on Amazon for low prices here.

5. See-through Toaster

You will neve waste time pressing stop again to check if your toast is done. Avoid burnt or underdone toast with unreliable toast time settings. With this see through toaster you will be able to see exactly when you toast is the way you like it. It also toasts really well! Buy it here.

6. Mop Slippers


Dance around the house while mopping the floor at the same time with easy with these mop slippers. They are also super comfy on your feet. You can get them here.

7. Self Stirring Mug


This is a perfect gift idea for someone who loves life hack products. Pure novelty, this self stirring mug works like a charm. Check it out here.

8. Silicone Baby Suction Food Mat

No more mess worries with this easy to clean food mat that sucks onto the table top. The compartments are also great for organising the food. Leave your baby to explore their food without worrying. Check it out here.

9. 3 Section Pan


Avoid washing 3 different pans when you can cook all three things at the same time without them touching and spoiling each other with these 3 section pan available here.

10. Mermaid Tale Blanket



A blanket that makes you look like you are an actual mermaid. Say no more. Get it here.

11. The Pillow We All NEED

Get that cool arm under the pillow feelings with the most comfortable sleeping position we all love without getting a dead arm. This pillow is available here. Act quick because it goes out of stock very quickly.